Your Business Needs Illuminated Signs!

Your Business Needs Illuminated Signs!

Purchasing a business sign is a big investment, so it’s crucial to make it stand out as much as possible. One of the best ways to make your sign noticeable and attract more customers is to purchase one that’s illuminated. Well-lit signs are known for being more effective at advertising most businesses, especially if the sign is located outdoors for people walking and driving by to see. Below are some reasons that you should consider an illuminated sign!

Better Advertising

The best part about a well-lit sign is that its more visible to viewers, 24 hours a day! When its nighttime, it’s harder for people passing by to read an unlit sign, as it can become almost invisible. Whether its light or dark outside, your sign will be more noticeable and easier to read from afar. Lit signs are more welcoming to potential customers. If you own a restaurant for example and it’s open late at night, having a lit-up sign will indicate that you’re open and its okay to come inside.

More Traffic

An attractive sign is typically used to increase traffic in your store. When its lit, there’s an even higher chance that customers will walk in. With a well-lit sign, it’ll be easier to get your message across and entice people to see what your business is all about.


An illuminated sign is more eye-catching and recognizable than one that isn’t. When viewers see your sign, they’ll remember it more and make note of when they might need your services in the future.

Better Impression

Depending on your business, a well-lit sign will typically give you a more competitive edge. Modern looking signs, that are designed nicely and illuminated tell your customers that you are willing to put in more work to get that competitive edge and make a greater first impression. Viewers will take your business seriously because they see that you take it seriously too.

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At Gregory Signs, there are plenty of sign lighting options available that you can choose to best represent your brand. If you’re looking for more ways to attract customers to your business, then contact Gregory Signs today to get an illuminated sign!

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