Window Graphics – The Key to Success

January 17th, 2020

Whether you own a commercial or retail business, window graphics is an essential, productive and cost effective way to advertise your product or services to passersby.  Window Graphics are available in 2 basic forms: decal and static clings. An advantage of having window graphics is the ability to print them on both sides. Whether a customer is on the inside or outside of your store, they will always notice the message you’re trying to convey.

Decals are made of poly vinyl film with a sticky backing. They can easily be removed without damaging the window, but once it’s applied, it cannot be repositioned or reused. Static clings are also made of vinyl, without the sticky backing, and instead use static electricity to cling to a window. These can be removed, reposition and reapplied several times.

No matter what method you choose, window decals will always be considered an excellent way to advertise your company. Here are some of the top benefits of these signs!


Window graphics are highly sought after among retailers of all types because of the fact that they’re highly affordable. In comparison to other signage options, window graphics are available at a fraction of the price!


Since window graphics are available at such a low cost, it’s easy for you to change them as frequently as you need to. Businesses often use window graphics to emphasize store promotions or convey temporary information because they can change them whenever they want. They’re also commonly used to promote seasonal events.

Environmentally Friendly

When choosing the right signage, it’s always crucial to consider the impact the material may have on the environment. The good thing about window decals is that most of the time, they’re 100% recyclable! So, even if you do change your sign regularly, you don’t have to be guilty about the negative impact it may have on the environment.

Several Options Available

Window decals are available in several styles. Some include:

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