Why You Should Advertise with Vinyl

Why You Should Advertise with Vinyl

Vinyl signage is perfect for almost everything. No matter what kind of sign, colour, size, cut, or placement you’re looking for, investing in vinyl is an affordable and smart way to advertise. Here’s a few reasons why you need vinyl signage and lettering.

Fast and Easy Application

Vinyl stickers are always ready to go and easy to apply. Rather than waiting hours for paint to dry or for extensive construction work, you can apply this sign immediately! Remember – just because it’s easy to apply, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a high-quality material that will provide you with a professional look.

Environmentally Friendly

Paints have the ability to release harmful chemicals in the air that are known to create volatile organized compounds. Choosing vinyl means that you’re helping the environment! With this material, you don’t have to worry about harming the environment with those chemicals.

Precise, Durable and Affordable

Vinyl is always printed exactly how you’d want it! The benefit of this material is that you can check to make sure you’re satisfied with how it looks, before it gets printed. Whereas, with hand paintings and construction work, it takes a lot more time to fix if it doesn’t come out how you’d like it. This material is extremely durable and long-lasting. It doesn’t wear out easily, but when it does eventually, it’s simple to replace. Plus, vinyl is weather-resistant, so you can place it anywhere you feel. The fact that its weather-resistant and can be placed outdoors will likely draw more people to your business.

Vinyl is known for its affordability. This is especially beneficial for businesses who run several sales per year; instead of purchasing a large banner, you can use vinyl signage and easily remove it once the sale is complete.


This is one of the most versatile materials used for signage. Vinyl can be used for anything from logos to large displays. You can get as creative as possible by creating any image or lettering you want through choosing from virtually any design, colour and shape. The options are almost limitless – clients use them for product identity, warning labels, industrial equipment, and promoting fundraisers for schools, athletic clubs, churches and other nonprofit organizations. Also, when famous holidays are around the corner, you can easily include vinyl stickers relating to these celebrations in order to potentially draw more attention to your business.

Saving Space

Businesses sometimes don’t have enough space to display large signs and banners. Vinyl lettering helps you avoid that problem through having the ability to utilize an existing surface to display your message. The best part of vinyl is that it can be arranged to fit even the smallest of spaces!

If you’ve realized that vinyl signage is the perfect option for you and your business, give Gregory Signs a call!

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