Why You Need Digital Wayfinding Signs in a Healthcare Facility

Why You Need Digital Wayfinding Signs in a Healthcare Facility

There’s nothing as frustrating as walking into a large building without knowing where to go. When you enter a new space, you want to feel comfortable when roaming through the hallways so that you can quickly arrive to your destination. This is especially crucial when considering a healthcare facility. Several people going to a hospital or a physician’s office already feel stressed or sick, so being confused definitely won’t help with their experience during the visitation. For this reason, we highly recommend that large healthcare facilities invest in digital wayfinding signage – here’s why!

Create a better experience for sick or confused patients

Being sick makes everything harder to process. The feeling of being weak and tired takes over, which means that the patient probably isn’t thinking as clearly as they normally would. That’s why, its vital to include digital wayfinding signs around the building to assist confused patients with clear directions that will alleviate their stress

Faster emergency assistance

Getting to emergency assistance as fast as possible is arguably the most important reason you should invest in effective wayfinding signage. When very sick patients, family members or friends enter a large hospital, then a digital sign like this will definitely provide a benefit for everyone.

Ease the stress of worried family members and friends

Going to the hospital to check up on your loved ones is usually a nerve-wracking experience. Since people visiting will already be stressed, do your part in making their time better with conveniently located directional signage that can point them directly to the patients room.

Decreases hallway congestion

If visitors and patients are lost in your healthcare facility, chances are that the hallways will become more congested, which isn’t safe especially in case of an emergency. Fewer people in the hallways will allow staff, patients and visitors to navigate with ease, which is why its important that they know that they’re in the right place.

Easy to update information

Making changes to everyone’s location is extremely common in a large healthcare facility. This means that every time you make a change, you will have to adjust your signage or else visitors will likely be confused about where they’re going. Don’t spend extra money when you don’t need to, digital wayfinding signs will make updating the building’s information a much more convenient process.

Shares urgent information

Like we said, its simple to update digital signs with new information. This is beneficial in healthcare facilities because they can easily change the message on the directory sign to inform visitors of any important or urgent information.

The healthcare facility will maintain a positive reputation

Installing digital wayfinding signs will show visitors and patients that you care about their wellbeing by providing the best service possible. Interactive maps will set you apart from your competitors in the same industry and encourage people to visit your facility more often. When you make visitors feel comfortable at your business, they will only think positive thoughts about the company and will be more enticed to use your services later on.

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