What Signage Should Your Business Invest in?

What Signage Should Your Business Invest in?

Every company needs a good set of signage. The question is, what type of signage does your business need? If you’re having trouble deciding what’ll best showcase your business and its image, then we have some ideas that will help you out.

Illuminated Signs

For many businesses, well-lit signs are essential in order to stand out to your audience. An illuminated sign effectively communicates that your services are open for business. This is especially crucial for restaurants or bars that are open at late hours of the night. A lit sign will allow your business to have successful advertising for 24 hours, as your sign will easily be visible, no matter what time it is! If you don’t want a fully illuminated sign, consider a backlit sign to receive the same benefits.

Fleet Graphics

Vehicle graphics provide your business with the best possible advertising. The company truck will likely be seen by thousands of people, while just driving around once. If you’re driving during rush hour, in the middle of excessive traffic, other commuters will easily notice your company and can decide whether or not they need your services. Investing in fleet graphics will definitely improve your company’s visibility. This form of signage is typically used for businesses that require mobile service, such as plumbing, contracting and construction. However, it works well for any business!

Point of Sale Signs

For retail stores, point of sale signs are essential. These can be used to inform your customers about promotions and encourage them to purchase more. There’s nothing better than up-selling!

Digital Signs

Digital signage is convenient for any business. It allows businesses to change the look and information on the sign anytime they require this, without spending more money to invest in a completely new sign. Plus, digital signs are interactive and can communicate more information. These are often used in fast food restaurants or as a way-finding sign.

Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding signs are essential if your business is located in a large building. You’ll want your clients or customers to feel comfortable and at ease when trying to locate your business. These are commonly used in airports, malls, and large office buildings.

Lobby Signs

Make the right impression on visitors by including a stunning sign in your lobby or reception area. Your entrance-way should make visitors feel comfortable and welcomed. Investing in a lobby sign will reinforce brand recognition and leave a lasting impression.

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If you’re unsure what signage is right for your business, then give the sign experts a call! At Gregory Signs, we will educate you about each sign and use our knowledge and extensive experience in the industry to inform you about what we think is best for your business. To purchase a new set of signage for your business, contact us today.

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