Using Signs As a Marketing tool

Using Signs As a Marketing tool

In today’s highly competitive market, businesses need to immediately gain visibility and build brand recognition in the minds of consumers.

Newspaper ads don’t draw very much attention and television ads can be very costly. The most cost-effective way to gain visibility and build awareness is through the use of effective signage. By putting a company name, logo, and contact information on the outside of your business, customers are quickly introduced to your business for a very small investment.

Signage delivers the highest return on investment because it’s the least-expensive marketing effort, but has the largest potential payoff, especially for a retail company. You need a well-designed, attractive business sign.

Great Signs Increase Visitors and Impressions

Business signs help potential customers remember where you are and who you are. They work strongly in your favour when you’re trying to get more customers in the door, and that’s what marketing is all about.

Benefits of Signage:

● Many people can see it from far away.

● After the initial purchase, it will hang for years to come with little to no maintenance.

● When people hear about your shop from a friend or neighbour, they will know right where you are located because they can see your sign next to your building.

What Should Your Sign Include?

When deciding on what to include on your sign, follow the less is more approach. The shorter and more concise the message, the better. You want to focus on 2 things; Readability and making your sign visually appealing.

Things to Avoid:

Whether you believe it’s true or not, the quality of business signs reflects the quality of the product or service being sold. Signs with misspelled words and bad grammar, offensive messages, and signs that are dirty or poorly made, can drive customers away from your business.

As mentioned above, your sign needs appropriate spelling, a clear message, a pleasing design and superior quality. Otherwise, customers aren’t going to give your company a second look.

Think Outside the Box

Using signage in different ways can help set you apart from the competition when used in unique ways. When deciding on the design of your sign, you can depend on Gregory Signs for assistance. Our portfolio details the successful design and installation of countless business signs. Your company will benefit from our perfect blend of skill and creativity. Call us today!
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