The Importance of Sign Maintenance

The Importance of Sign Maintenance

Now that you’ve finally made the smart decision of investing in signage for your business, you can’t forget one of the most important steps after installation – maintenance. Sign maintenance is essential in order to keep it functioning properly and make it look brand new. Your sign portrays a certain image to potential consumers, and you’ll want that to be a positive one by completing regular up-keep. Make sure your sign always has that “wow” factor!


Signs of all different materials require some gentle, deep cleaning in order to remain appealing. The cleaning doesn’t take long, often it just requires some water, a mild soap and a soft cloth. For instance, if you’ve invested in a vinyl sign, then you have to be aware that it might peel or possibly fade. However, you can extend its lifeline by simply dusting or cleaning it with a soft cloth, some water and soap.

Sign Functionality

A common maintenance issue is when the sign can no longer be illuminated. Getting this fixed is imperative because not only will you risk losing potential customers, but you also will give them a poor impression of your business.

Sign Safety

Make sure the hardware holding your sign in place isn’t rusted or peeling. This could give viewers a negative impression because it can say something about how you treat your business. You’re also putting yourself and others at risk of their safety. If you don’t maintain the hardware, then it might fail and the sign will no longer stay up anymore. This can be a liability to the business owner. Knowing this should motivate you to schedule regular maintenance check ups.

Keeping Your Signs Updated

Maintenance also includes keeping your signage updated. If your business invested in signs that display your business hours, and these hours change, then you’ll want to inform your customers by keeping them updated and avoiding any unnecessary frustration.

Contact Gregory Signs

For all your sign maintenance needs, contact the experts at Gregory Signs! We will ensure that you avoid any potential damages that could be a massive expense to your business. Our professionals will always keep your signs looking fresh, clean and brand new so that your investment pays off!

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