The Best Ways to Drive Engagement with Outdoor Signs

The Best Ways to Drive Engagement with Outdoor Signs

People are exposed to several signs and advertisements on a daily basis. Either you’re inside, looking at the newspaper, a TV or a sign on the wall, or outside passing by several storefronts. The point is, after seeing so many different advertisements in a day, you realize that the real challenge is figuring out how to differentiate yourself so that yours stands out. Make your outdoor sign one to remember with some of these tips!

Consider the Type of Outdoor Sign

When you think of outdoor signs, the first one that comes to mind is probably a business’s storefront. Although this sign is one of the main ways to engage potential customers, there’s several other types of signs that can help you do the same!

Some examples include LED signs, retail signs, banners, billboards, awnings, pylon signs, digital signage and much more. Choosing the right sign depends on the message you want to communicate with your audience.

Short and Sweet

The most effective signs are made with messages that are short and sweet. There’s only so much time that passersby spend looking at your sign, so it’s crucial that you get straight to the point. Say everything that you need to say in clear, simple language and don’t include more than 1-3 sentences. Top it off by adding a call-to-action to the sign!

The Bigger the Better

A bigger sign is always better than a smaller one. Make your sign bigger so that there’s a better chance that your audience will see it! Of course, it depends on where you place your sign, but try to make it as big as you can so that potential customers can notice you.

High Contrast Colours and Text

Increase the visibility of your sign by using bright, bold colours. Dark, earth tones blend in too much with several backgrounds. If it’s dark outside, it’ll be easier to spot your business if your sign is vibrant. Aside from the colour, an even better way to stand out is by installing a sign that lights up. LED signs are one of the most popular selections because of its incredible visibility!

Other tips

  • Ensure your sign is visible from multiple perspectives
  • Place your sign in high traffic areas
  • Don’t overcomplicate the sign – use a simpler design, rather than a complex one
  • Signs without borders are more effective

Hire Gregory Signs

Professional sign experts know the best ways to make your sign stand out from the crowd. Hire Gregory Signs so that we can help you make the most of your sign and increase your opportunity to engage potential clients.

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