The Best Way to Design Fleet Graphics

The Best Way to Design Fleet Graphics

Investing in fleet graphics is one of the best ways to make people more aware of your business. Fleet graphics are essential when marketing your company, especially because the more someone drives the company car, the more people will see it! In rush hour traffic, when you’re driving across the city, you’ll want to make sure that what people are looking at is attractive, eye-catching and memorable. The design is crucial!

Here are some of the best ways to design your fleet graphics.

Simple Text

You don’t want your fleet graphics being too text-heavy. Keep the text to a minimum or else it will be hard for viewers to read! Also, consider the font you’re using and make that simple too. Avoid choosing a font that’s cursive and ensure that you used the right letter spacing.

Avoid Overcrowding

Typically, when designing vehicle graphics, you have to make sure that they’re colourful and noticeable. Don’t take it too far and overcrowd the sign with too much imagery or complicated design elements. Vehicle designs are most effective when they’re simple and sophisticated. Avoid a crowded background and unnecessary items that will take away from the success of relaying your message.

Don’t Use Stock Photos!

Many clients think that it’s a good idea to add stock photos on their vehicle, however they’re easy to spot and end up looking unprofessional. If you want to include photos on your vehicle, make it of yourself or a photo of something from your company.


When you design anything, you have to make sure the design is aligned and the space around it makes sense. Each design needs just enough space around it in order to look more visually appealing. If you add too much information or make the graphics too big, the space disappears, which won’t make it as effective.


Try to exclusively use one – three colours at most. Using too many colours will make your design look too complicated.

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