The Best Materials to Use for Lobby Signage

The Best Materials to Use for Lobby Signage

Lobby signs aren’t an option – they’re essential. A well-made lobby sign has the potential to create a great first impression as they communicate your company’s message and level of professionalism. When clients visit your business, you want to ensure you’re doing everything possible to reassure them that they’re in good hands. Your businesses’ logo usually conveys what your company stands for, so including this in your lobby will ultimately create a better atmosphere. Below are some materials clients are using for their lobby signage.


Metal is the perfect material typically used to convey reliability and longevity. This is why law firms and banks often resort to metal signage for their lobby. These letters are often created using copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, and steel, with finishes including oxidized, brushed, polished, enameled, gold, and patina.

Metal Laminate

Similar to true metal, this material suggests that your business has been around for a long time. Metal laminate imitates real metal, as they both look similar and convey sophistication and stability, without having to spend too much money. Clients often choose to get brushed or polished metal finishes when including a metal laminate sign in their lobby.


Foam signs have endless design possibilities. The best part about foam is the option to make it 3-dimensional. This is the perfect material to reveal your creative side by having the opportunity to choose from an extensive colour palette. If you want a glossier appearance, laminates such as acrylic or metal can be applied on top. Budget your lobby sign and choose foam! This is Perfect for hotel lobbies and conference rooms.


Acrylic is sharp, crisp and precise. This material provides businesses with the opportunity to create an intricate logo using bright colours which can be pigmented, painted and frosted with a variety of finishes. Schools, charity organizations and other companies often opt for this material in order to achieve a more artistic sign.


This plastic material is affordable, versatile and durable. It’s so durable that it can be used outdoors and still last a long time. PVC is lighter and thinner than acrylic. With its matte finish, it’s easier to hide fingerprint marks and reduce glaring. These signs are long lasting and are sustainable through potential bending or warping.

Digitally Printed Vinyl

Digitally printed vinyl is perfect for companies looking for something simple. With digital printing, you will receive the exact sign you’re looking for – no mistakes! Printed vinyl is similar to a large sticker and appears just like paint on the wall. This also provides clients with the option to choose from multiple colours, gradients and photos.

There’s plenty of other options to choose from when considering the creation of your lobby sign. Contact Gregory Signs to learn more – let us help you make a good first impression in your lobby!

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