The Benefits of using Awning Signs for your Restaurant

The Benefits of using Awning Signs for your Restaurant

The way you choose to design the entrance of your restaurant is an important decision. Being in the hospitality sector makes it especially crucial for you to create an outstanding and welcoming atmosphere. Awning signs (also known as canopy signs) are pieces of fabric attached outside of a buildings windows and doors. They’re often made from materials such as canvas, acrylic, vinyl, polyester and more. Awnings can be customized to the size and design that works best for your business.

If you’re opening a new restaurant, or simply looking to revamp your sign, consider the benefits of using an awning sign.

Effective Advertising

Traditional text signs are capable of drawing a customer in, but awnings will make your restaurant noticeably more visible. Awnings allow you to establish recognition of your brand. The ability to personalize them to match the theme of your business will enhance the appearance of your front door and can make your restaurant appear extra trendy! A good design technique to enhance brand visibility is by placing your logo directly on the awning itself.


Without an awning, the sun will shine heavily through your window. When the sun is shining though your restaurant windows, the temperature of the building will increase, forcing you to turn up the air conditioning. Awnings effectively decrease heat gain, consequently satisfying your needs by saving money on energy and your customers needs so they can enjoy their time comfortably. Plus, with an awning, you can reduce sun glares through your windows, which will help prevent the sun from being in everyone’s eyes. Maximize comfort for you and your customers!

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining is appealing to customers on warm days, but sometimes it can become less tempting when the sun feels like it’s beating on their face while they’re trying to enjoy their meal. Provide your customers with some shade by including an awning. If your restaurant is small on the inside and you require extra seating, consider installing an awning and creating an outdoor seating area to attract more customers.

Create Shelter for your Customers

If it’s a busy night with long wait times for customers to be seated, you could place a bench outside your door underneath your awning, where they can sit comfortably and wait.


Your restaurant can be exposed to harsh weather including rain, hail, snow and winds. Also, too much hot sun that will encourage paint on the exterior of your restaurant to fade. Awnings will help you avoid this issue, to ensure that your doors always look welcoming, with little maintenance!

If you’re looking to create or revamp your signage and you feel an awning is the perfect option for you, contact Gregory Signs so we can build and install it for you!

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