Successful Signage for Your Kiosk

Successful Signage for Your Kiosk

If you’ve invested in a kiosk for your business, then make the most of it and give your target audience a good first impression. Kiosks are an eye-catching way to show off your business and attract people to find out more about the purpose of your goods or services. Capitalize on your kiosk with effective signage!

Clear Message

If you want people to stop and look at your kiosk, then you have to make them instantly aware of its purpose. Use a clear and concise headline to catch people’s attention so that when they walk by, they know exactly why the kiosk is there. People with kiosk signage often use a call-to-action as their biggest headline to entice potential clients to use their services or purchase goods.


Depending on your audience, you have to create the right tone for your kiosk. Use the right images, colours, fonts and language that would attract the most attention. You can determine what’s right for your kiosk by considering how you would approach your audience. Think of the emotion you want to evoke and the feeling you want them to have when they see your kiosk.


For your kiosk to be the most effective, the right font is one of the most important aspects to consider. Don’t make your audience strain their eyes! Make the text stand out, especially if your headline is a call-to-action. Use thick bold fonts and make it a colour that will contrast with the background. If your background is a pattern, then fade that out a bit to accommodate for the text. Also, you don’t want to over-crowd your kiosk with too many words. Space the text out so that it’s the most legible. You’ll know when your font is successful if you’re no longer questioning whether or not it’s legible enough.


Place your kiosk in a location that’s most visible so your audience can notice it right away. For example, if your kiosk is going to be placed in front of a dull wall, make it stand out with a bright colour. Conversely, if you’re placing it against a busy wall, use a simple coloured background.  However, in a situation where you want it there to inform people more than stand out, make it subtler. For instance, if your kiosk is there to inform people about a piece of artwork you made, then you won’t want it to distract from that.

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