Stand Out With Plywood Signs

Stand Out With Plywood Signs

In the business world, it’s important to stand out. Your sign can help you get ahead of your competition and be in the forefront of your customers mind. A well-designed sign can ensure your business successful revenue.

What are Plywood Signs?

Medium Density Plywood is exterior grade plywood with a smooth surface. The plywood is painted and then lettered. Depending on the climate, plywood signs should last several years before refinishing. Few types of signs convey the feeling of solidity that a wood sign conveys. We carry a wide range of materials and designs that can help you get your message to the public

Typical Applications:

Job site signs, real estate signs and general informational or directional signage.

Stand Out with a Custom Plywood Sign

Gregory Signs can help your business stand out, in a world of business signs that may all look alike. A custom plywood sign can create a greater opportunity for you to connect with potential customers. With a plywood sign, your business and brand will remain in the clients mind and in sight longer than your competitors. These signs create an opportunity for your business to reach a larger client market.

Plywood Signs are Highly Versatile:

  • Plywood signs can be made any size you want
  • Any custom shape
  • Any design, artwork, photo or logo can be used
  • And virtually any color you want

Choosing a Sign Company

Here at Gregory Signs, you have complete control over what your sign looks like and what you want it to say about your business. Plywood signs give your business a rich look. Our signs are durably constructed and versatile with choice of application. Gregory Signs can create a variety of shapes and sizes and incorporate customized lettering and graphics.

As sign industry experts with a wide spectrum of design and technology experience, we offer unparalleled service. Whether you are looking for a temporary plywood sign or a permanent sign for your business, Gregory Signs will project a highly professional image for years to come.

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