Stand Out with Channel Letters

Stand Out with Channel Letters

The signage you choose for the storefront of your business says a lot about what kind of company you are. Your sign should be appealing, look professional, send the right message about your company and most importantly, attract your audience at the first glance. You may not know what channel letters are when you first think about it, but once you see them you’ll know what we’re talking about. Channel letters are made of metal and plastic, so they’re typically used for a store or building’s exterior and can be illuminated to attract more attention. They’re a popular choice for most businesses, and here’s why!


One of the top benefits of having channel letters is that they’re reasonably priced, while providing your business with an exceptional first impression. Most businesses look for ways to keep their costs down, while receiving several impressions and that’s why many consider channel letters. They’re a one-time investment compared to other forms of advertising and will grab the attention of passersby.

Positive Brand Image

Channel letters effectively communicate a company’s message, energy and vision. These letters are customizable and versatile, they work no matter what your business is! You can design them so that they can be friendly, inviting, playful, corporate, fancy and more.

Energy Efficient

If you choose to illuminate your sign, then you can feel confident in knowing that Channel Letters are made with LED lighting. LED lights will ensure that your sign is visible from a distance, whether it’s day or night. They also save energy and are easy to repair and install.

Since they’re energy efficient, that means that they’re environmentally friendly! Unlike neon or fluorescent lights, LED lights don’t contain lead or mercury which are harmful to the environment. For all of these reasons, LED lights are cheaper to run and maintain.

Prime Visibility

Whether the sign is illuminated or not, these signs provide prime visibility. Channel letters are easy to spot from afar if designed and sized correctly.

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