Specialty Products

Gregory Signs provides excellent custom metal work to the construction industry. Collaborating with architects, designers, engineers, and contractors. Gregory Signs manufactures and installs metal products for building facades, interiors and exteriors.

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Today’s designers and architects understand the intrinsic role custom architectural displays play in achieving their vision. For more than 25 years, Gregory Signs has placed a major focus on enhancing architectural creations. We strive to balance the functional requirements of the user with creative architectural design.

Our designers are skilled at the three-dimensional analysis of public spaces, incorporating elements that accentuate textures, translucencies, and reflections. Gregory Signs sensitive approach to design has produced consistent.



Gregory Signs offers a variety of innovative touchscreen systems. Our products are designed to be simple to install, reliable, affordable, and easy to update.

We know that each building is different, and we know that your TouchSource directory installation reflects the quality of your building. That’s why we offer a variety of enclosures and directory configurations for you to choose from, depending on your needs.



Our dedicated employees take pride in their work using both traditional and modern materials. Gregory Signs prides itself on fabrication of custom displays with only the best quality of assembly and material. Attention to detail is key. We know from experience that not all contractors share the same values.

We encourage clients to visit during build, as it is often difficult to visualize shapes and sizes no matter how good the initial designs may be. Gregory Signs looks forward to help you with your future projects.



Great storefront windows stop customers in their tracks and then lure them into the store. If your display windows pull in 10 extra customers a day who spend $50 each, the annual increase in sales will exceed $182,000.

The two keys to an effective storefront are the ID signs and the display windows. The sign sets the “brand identity” so the logo should be strong. In many cases the logo will be used to brand merchandise in the store and the stronger the logo is the higher your branded sales volume will be (for as many years as the shop is open). We suggest you use a graphics professional to create the stores graphic image including signage, shopping bags and interior graphics. The front sign should be multilayered to provide texture and interest and it should be highly visible.

Let Gregory Signs brand your exterior and we will watch you reek the awards!



Gregory Signs has produced a variety of decorative advertising and informational kiosks, in many shapes and sizes, from various metals. These attractive units provide an opportunity to identify or provide information about your streetscape, common area or place of business.

Bring us your custom design or let our creative art department design it for you and we will fabricate an architectural statement for your location.



Gregory Signs offers a variety of metal products that can be used to clad your facility. Gregory Signs offers an advanced, attractive and durable form of wall construction which maintain high levels of thermal performance, weather resistance and also, when required, acoustic and fire resistance. From concept to completion the Gregory Signs team will engineer, detail, estimate, specify, furnish and install exterior building materials on projects large to small, complex to conventional.

When it comes to exterior construction, Gregory Signs is always ready for the next challenge…ready to provide you with the products, the technology, the experience, the team, and the solutions for superior exterior skins.



Gregory Signs fabricates large patio canopies, patio awnings and industrial canvas products for restaurants, retail and residential uses. Gregory Signs structures are made out of aluminum and canvas wrapped to close off the patio.

Gregory Signs can build to any size and provide you with design layouts to help you visualize what your patio will look like.



Solar powered signage is a relatively simple concept. In a basic way, the system operates like a bank account. Withdrawals from the battery to power the light source must be compensated for by commensurate deposits of energy from the solar panels. As long as the system is designed so deposits exceed withdrawals on an average daily basis, the battery remains charged and light source is reliably powered.

The key to solar powered signs is the solar power pack, which houses photovoltaic solar panels, a proprietary microprocessor control system, and batteries. This is attached to specifically designed lights having super reflectivity and high energy ballasts.

  • The sun provides a direct source of energy to the solar panel.
  • The battery is recharged during the day by direct-current (DC) electricity.
  • The light source is powered by the battery each night.
  • Electronic controls are used between the battery, light source and solar panels to protect the battery from overcharge and discharge, and to control the timing and operation of the light.


Snap Frames they are easy to use and are custom made to any size. Snap Frames are usually used to change posters on a constant basis. It’s as easy as four snaps and you can change the ad. Our frames come in either anodized aluminum with square corners or you have the choice of rounded.

You can also receive them painted to your choice of colours. Call us for more info!