How to maximize your sign visibility

How to maximize your sign visibility

What’s the most important aspect when it comes to signage? Visibility, of course! Your sign should be visible to people passing by. Outdoor sign design is the perfect way to make your store’s presence felt to prospective customers.

Visibility is the key to success in business signage. Signs that are located in areas which are highly visible almost always outperform their counterparts in quieter, less easily noticeable locations.

Here are a few ways to make your sign more visible.


The location of your signage can have a huge impact on its effectiveness. Even a poorly designed sign will generate a fairly good response if it’s placed in an area that receives a lot of traffic.

Short and Simple

Only put the necessary information on your sign. The more complicated your sign is, the longer it takes to read. That means fewer people will stop to read it

Keep you sign short and simple, so it will immediately communicate your business message.

Powerful Fonts

Make you signs easy on the eyes. Choosing a font that’s complex and difficult to read might fit your store’s brand, but it will usually hurt the effects of your signage.

Try to use fonts that are bold, crisp, and clear. You want your sign to stand out from the crowd, but are still read easily by people passing by.


The greater the level of contrast in your sign, the more visible it will be. Select colour combinations that will stand out from a distance. If your sign blends into the background, it’s unlikely to make much of an impression with potential customers.

Personal and Actionable

The best marketing messages are highly personal and written to connect with their target audience. People naturally respond to marketing offers that focus on them.

Focus on using words that create familiarity and personality in your signage and you’ll create a deeper connection with the people you’re targeting.

At the same time, make sure your signage has a clear call to action if appropriate to your business.

The more visible your sign is, the more people see them, and the more business your will receives.

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