Restaurant Menu Signage

Restaurant Menu Signage

Digital signage systems are the new age in menus. This display is used to enhance the overall customer experience. Nothing catches the eyes of customers quite like the colorful and exciting digital signage in restaurants.

How Can Restaurants Benefit From the Use of Digital Menu Signage?

  1. Display appealing images of food

    Seeing photos of menu items helps customers make decisions about what they want to order. Seeing pictures of food can also guide customers with their order.

  2. Draw people into your restaurant.

    Restaurants can benefit from placing digital menu boards outside of their location because people often stop to view menus before selecting a place to eat. Displaying a digital menu board rather than placing a printed menu behind glass helps you engage with potential customers.

  3. Change menus – breakfast, lunch, and dinner

    Restaurants that offer different menus throughout the day can use digital signage to rotate menus so only available options are visible. Hiding unused menus simplifies this process for customers.

  4. The great thing about digital menus is that it does the work for you. It can be scheduled to automatically change so you don’t have to manually change the menu. So, when lunch ends and dinner begins, screens will update to show only dinner menu options.

  5. Makes the ordering lines faster

    As mentioned above, crowded menus make it difficult for people to make decisions. This slows down ordering lines as customers are unsure of their order.

    With digital menu signage, you can remove offerings that are no longer available and condense menus so it’s easy for people to make a selection and move quickly through their ordering process.

  6. Promote new menu items

    Advertising and promoting new menu items using digital signs is simple. You can update your content to include promotions and photos of your new items. You can promote test items without spending additional marketing dollars on creating new posters and signs.

  7. Easily feature daily specials.

    You can promote your daily specials by highlighting them on digital menu boards. The items can change daily to feature your soup of the day and chef specials.

  8. Highlighting combos and add-ons.

    Digital menus feature content that quickly rotates and changes. This is an excellent tool for restaurants that offer combos and menu add-ons like sides, drinks, and desserts. You can highlight high-profit items that are often easy for customers to overlook.

Restaurant signs can make or break your business. The quality of your menu boards and digital menu boards can affect your sales and brand identity. Whether it’s an outdoor drive-thru, walk-up menu board or an indoor menu board, Gregory Signs can build it to your requirements. Gregory Signs can manufacture illuminated and non-illuminated menu board systems in all sizes and trim styles. Call us to find out more! (905) 532-0602

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