Interior Corporate Signage

Interior Corporate Signage

Is your business in need of signage that is appealing to customers after they’ve walked through the doors? Interior cut-out signs are the answer. They are the next step in marketing your business, so it is important to use these signs to help customers recognize you and your brand.

Gregory Signs offers a wide variety of interior signs that will help you take your next step in marketing!

How Are They Different?

Since they are meant for indoors, interior signs are often made from materials that do not need to endure harsh weather conditions. They also have more installation options as opposed to exterior signage. Interior signs can be hung from ceilings, nailed to walls, or even stand on their own in a building. Here at Gregory Signs, we can install your signs for you to ensure they last. We will cut letters and logos according to your design specifications. The uniform appearance of individual cut-outs suits them well to multiple applications, and their utility ranges from signage for the visually impaired to dramatic custom wall displays.

Why Interior Corporate Signs?

Interior corporate signs have one very distinct advantage over other types of signs: they can accomplish more. An interior corporate sign can create beautiful door markings, a company sign for the front desk, posters and banners for any business convention or community event and much more. Exterior signs attract customers, while interior signs can have a bit more room to achieve their goals. They’re an excellent way to show your customers your creative side and proves to them that you can adapt your business’ logo and brand to any signage that comes your way. Gregory Signs can help you extend a welcome to your customers from the inside.

Gregory Signs: The Only Supplier You Need

Gregory Signs can create any interior sign for your business quickly and with quality. We employ the Gerber Edge Four Colour Process, which uses heat pressure to permanently transfer colour films directly to vinyl, creating immediate durable graphics in spot or process colours, without lamination. Add to this our mastery of digital imaging, and suddenly there is no image we cannot create or reproduce!

Our services don’t stop at interior signage though! We can also create exterior signs, vehicle graphics and electronic message center, directories and so much more. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the production and installation of your sign. Let the experts who know your sign best, service and maintain it!

For more information please call us and we will be glad to give you a hand (905) 532-0602.

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