The Importance of Wayfinding Signs

The Importance of Wayfinding Signs

The purpose of wayfinding signage is to inform, direct, and guide people who are unfamiliar with the environment. In order to direct people, important information needs to be displayed at strategic points throughout your facility. Effective signage must be in the right place, point to the most logical directions, and should be noticeable. An efficient wayfinding system allows the maximum amount of information to be communicated using the minimum signal.

When people find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, they look for two things:

  1. Information such as the setting and where they are in relation to it, plus where their destination lies, usually in the form of maps, floor plans and building directories.
  2. Signage that helps direct them to their destination, e.g. overhead or wall signs using arrows and text with descriptions of building features.

The correct interpretation of signs depends heavily on two key aspects:

  1. That the location and installation of signs is consistent across the entire system. It is easier to perceive and interpret a sign if its placement can be predicted in your mind before you actually see it.
  2. The design must be consistent with the rest of the signage system. Colour codes, pictograms, typography, nomenclature, among other aspects, must remain unchanged throughout the system.

A well-designed wayfinding system starts with understanding the environment, and determining where the information needs to be to maximize communication. To create a well-designed sign system for your location, you should consider these factors:

  • Signs are the appropriate size
  • Messages can be easily read
  • Signs are well located
  • Information is clear and relevant
  • Sign design is consistent
  • Exterior and interior systems work in harmony
  • Sign systems offer flexibility for future updates and additions

Gregory Signs recently completed wayfinding signage for the Metropolitan Centre in Vaughan for the subway extension. This new system was designed to better direct every day users. The purpose is to provide simplicity and clarity where there was once clutter and confusion.

Here at Gregory Signs, we offer you a number of choices in material and design, and
ensure that neither aesthetics nor effectiveness is sacrificed in the creation of your
vitally important wayfinding system.

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