How to Determine When to Replace Your Awning Sign

How to Determine When to Replace Your Awning Sign

Do you have an awning sign on the storefront of your business? If you do, then that means you made a smart decision when considering the best way to promote your company and grab the attention of passersby. Like any sign, awnings can wear out after several years. The real question is, when is it worth it to repair or replace them?

Here’s a list of signs that will help you determine whether or not you should replace your awning.


Think about the weather and the cleanliness of the air and how this could affect the appearance of the fabric on your awning sign. If you don’t maintain your sign regularly or you’ve had it for too long, it’s likely that it may have obtained some mold buildup. Mold will likely deter potential customers from entering the building and can be hazardous to your health. You could utilize a mold remover or call a specialist, however it’s better to just replace the awning instead.

UV Damage

Think about what happens to your body when you’re out in the sun for a few hours. Now, imagine the damage your awning can experience from being in the sun, all day every day. Many times, awnings start to fade due to the damaging UV rays, which will make the fabric look older.

Detaching from the Building

Weather has a strong impact on awning signs. If your area experienced a severe storm, then it could be possible that your awning will detach. Once an awning sign detaches, it’s vital to take it down as soon as possible as this can become a safety hazard for people walking and driving by your business. Avoid injuries at all costs!

Torn and Ripped Fabric

If your awning ripped, then it’s essential that you replace it. A ripped awning can happen from nearby trees, branches or severe weather. Don’t keep that busted sign, it looks unprofessional! Replace the fabric instead of stitching and patching it. Make sure your business looks as best as it possibly can.

Damaged Frame

As durable as awning signs are, some weather conditions are so bad that you never know what can happen. If the frame has been damaged, then call a local sign company to repair or replace it.

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