How to Choose the Right Signage

How to Choose the Right Signage

Are you opening a business or looking to upgrade your sign? If so, below are some tips on how to choose the most suitable signage!

What are your goals?

Before deciding anything else, you need to clarify the purpose for the signage system you want. Ask yourself what functions the signage will serve and what you want to communicate to your target audience.

Consider the area you’re placing the sign

Your users will normally consist of: visitors, tourists, residents, workers, families, younger and older people, wheelchair users, bicyclists and more. Try and understand what your users will see by investigating the area and moving through the place. Talk to others to find out their overall perception of the facility and if they find it difficult to navigate around it.

What type of signage do you need?

Maps: Used for entry points, pathways, curiosity and interest. Maps allow visitors to direct themselves and make them aware of highlights and points of interest.

Information kiosks/Bulletin Boards: These assist visitors who are only familiar with parts of a place, be aware of its entire range of features and facilities.

Educational Signs: Used to educate and engage people about interesting or unique features about a place.

Directional Signs: These signs make people feel secure with the ability to locate themselves.

What material is best for you?

Below are some signage materials that we recommend.

Fabric Signs
Fabric signs can be unique and colourful. They are versatile as they’re often used as a banner for food kiosks or built-into framed lightboxes for larger retail stores. They are less money at first but aren’t as durable, so they require more maintenance.

Plywood Signs
These are affordable, simple and elegant. They’re ideal for restaurants who want to provide an old-fashioned atmosphere, or a boutique with a rustic theme. Plywood signs are subject to weather damage and may need frequent repairs.

Metal logo and/or Lettering Signs
Metal signs or metal lettering start as a large investment, but cost less in the long run. These signs look amazing and provide a more attractive and visible look, especially if you choose to include 3D lettering. They are extremely durable, and only require a touch up every few years.

Awning sign
Awning signs provide shade for your business, shelter for customers in bad weather and overall are an attractive sign that increase visibility. It may seem expensive as first, however they are a great long-term choice. They allow buildings located outdoors to save on energy bills, by blocking out the hot sun, which ultimately means you don’t need to blast the air conditioning.

LED Signs
Businesses that operate into the night such as bars, clubs and restaurants benefit most from LED lights because they are more visible and stand out. They can be more expensive and require more maintenance.

Digital Signs
Digital signs are becoming more popular with stores and restaurants. Restaurants use these as digital menus and to communicate daily specials and promotions, meanwhile stores can use it to display certain sales. These are very convenient, but moderately expensive to upkeep if changes are needed.

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