How to Choose the Best Restaurant Signage

How to Choose the Best Restaurant Signage

Curb appeal is one of the main factors that drive potential customers to your business. For this reason, it’s important to have exterior signage that reflects the industry you work in and your business’ message in the most attractive, enticing way possible. What’s enticing varies on the type of business you’re running and the people you want to attract. When you’re deciding on the right restaurant signage, there are many aspects to consider so that you can successfully draw people in!

Here are a few tips on how to pick the right exterior restaurant sign.

Choose the Right Message

While many people think that just placing their restaurant name on the exterior signage is enough, you shouldn’t forget to send an important message as well. We usually suggest that your sign will be more successful if you highlight what your restaurant offers. Some ideas can be to include the cuisine type, meal deals, specials, new items, directions, seasonal items, announcements and more! You can even incorporate a fun, witty message or your company’s slogan to let people know what to expect or give them a gist of the restaurant’s atmosphere.

Printed or Illuminated?

Printed signs are great for any business! Not every sign requires illumination. However, it might be helpful as a restaurant if your business sign could light up. If you own a restaurant that operates late in the night, having an illuminated sign will let people know you’re open and draw more attention to your business.

Visible Colours

No matter what type of sign you choose, colour is one of the most important features. Choose a colour that represents the atmosphere of your restaurant, aligns with your brand and is extremely visible. One colour we often suggest is red or orange since they’re colours that are known to stand out, no matter what time of day it is or and from far distances.


When designing your restaurant sign, remember that you only have a few seconds to draw the customer in, so along with it being attractive, it has to be legible. If it’s not easy to read, your sign will typically get overlooked. You want to make sure your sign stands out close up and from a distance!


If you’re trying to showcase restaurant deals on your buildings exterior, make sure to get a sign that you can easily change. You won’t want to spend too much money constantly remaking signs, so get one that you can make the most out of and will be convenient to your restaurant. Chances are, your restaurant specials will change sometimes, so you won’t want a sign that’s misleading.

Contact Gregory Signs

For more tips on how to create the most successful restaurant sign, contact the professionals at Gregory Signs to help you out! We design, install and even maintain the sign for you so that your business can always look its best.

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