How to Care for Your LED Sign

How to Care for Your LED Sign

Purchasing an LED sign is a big investment, so it’s crucial that you take good care of it. LED signs are extremely beneficial for any business. In order for your purchase to pay off, proper protection is important. Below are some tips on how to properly care for your LED sign.

Appropriate Hardware

If you’re going to invest in an LED sign, then it’s important that you choose full outdoor hardware in order to put up with winter conditions, moisture, temperature fluctuations and the extreme cold.

Hardware Temperature

LED signs contain internal hardware that’s designed to function efficiently between a certain temperature ranges. Ask your sign experts at Gregory Signs for climate-controlled signage that has a specific temperature environment. Many outdoor signs are considered operational between 25 and -15 degrees Celsius. LED signage typically includes a heating, cooling and ventilation system in order to maintain the proper temperature.


To clean dirt and debris, we recommend using a mild soap and warm water mixture. Avoid using anything abrasive and gently scrub this solution on the sign with a soft brush. Make sure it’s as soft as possible so that you don’t risk getting any scratches or chips on the sign. Once you’ve cleaned, use a soft cloth to dry it off. Don’t skip this step or else you may get water spots on your sign! Ensure that you clean your sign regularly so that it doesn’t collect too much dust overtime.

Products to Avoid

Avoid using paper towels and any cleaner that has the ingredient “Butyl Cellosolve.” Products including Windex, Lysol and Pinesol will damage the surface of an LED sign.

Shut Down Sign

When your business is closed, don’t forget to turn off the sign. Turning off your sign ensures that it will longer, avoiding quick replacement while saving energy! This is one of the simplest ways to care for your sign.

Consider Getting a Weather-Resistant Enclosure

When built and installed correctly, doing this will provide the ultimate protection for your sign. Make sure the enclosure is sealed properly to prevent moisture from ruining the hardware, and that the inside has proper ventilation for air or heat transfer, while also using the correct materials that won’t make it rust overtime in cold weather.

Contact Gregory Signs

There are several more ways to care for your LED sign, but these are some of the most important ones that make sure your sign lives a long life! If you don’t have time to run your business while completing regular maintenance for your signage, then contact the experts at Gregory Signs and we will gladly do it for you!

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