How to Care for Your Fleet Graphics

How to Care for Your Fleet Graphics

Investing in fleet graphics and vehicle wraps are some of the easiest ways to advertise your business to a large amount of people. Since fleet graphics are seen by so many, it’s crucial that you maintain them properly so that you’re emitting a memorable, positive impression.

Keep your vehicle looking brand new and make your vehicle graphics last longer by using some of these maintenance tips!

Wash Your Vehicle Regularly

The best way to wash your vehicle graphics is by using a non-abrasive detergent, with a soft sponge or cloth. Make sure you rinse as much dirt off as possible using water only water, prior to lightly scrubbing the areas. Dry it immediately after with a soft towel.

Don’t go to Brush-Type Car Washes

Avoid brush-type car washes or else the edges of your graphics might lift or crack. They also tend to make the appearance of the graphics look duller overtime. Hand-washing the vehicle should always be your go-to when trying to clean it. Although power washes aren’t usually recommended, you can use them under certain conditions. A few settings include: the water being below 2000 psi and the water temperature below 80 degrees Celsius.

Vehicle Storage

If you can, make sure to store your vehicle in the garage as much as possible. When you can’t store it in the garage, park it in the shade. The look of your vehicle graphics can worsen overtime when they get too much sun exposure or are unprotected from other harsh weather conditions.

Removing harsh dirt, bugs and gasoline stains

Removing bugs, bird droppings, gasoline and other harsh dirt and debris requires a lot more time, attention and care. One step you should take is to soak the stains in very warm water for a few minutes at a time so that its soft and easier to rinse off after. Once you rinse it, dry it with a soft wash cloth.

Contact Gregory Signs

At Gregory Signs, we offer you the full package – even sign maintenance! If you need someone to carefully care for your vehicle signage, then we’re here to help you. Have your vehicle graphics experienced too much damage? If so, then we can fix that too and provide you with a replacement. Contact the experts today!

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