How to Care for Your Acrylic Sign

How to Care for Your Acrylic Sign

Acrylic is a versatile, durable plastic sheet that businesses often use for their signage to obtain a modern and sophisticated look. Typically, acrylic sings are used as brochure holders, glued to the wall, stuck to the wall using double-sided tape, Velcro or suction cups. Large acrylic signs usually hang from a wall, ceiling or awning. Depending on the placement of your sign, you may believe that maintenance isn’t always necessary, or maybe cleaning your sign just slipped your mind. However, it’s important to stay on top of cleaning your acrylic signs as they require upkeep in order to maintain their crisp image and last long.


Acrylic has the ability to easily scratch, chip or shatter when touched or misused. Some tips that will help you avoid sign damage include:

  • Ensure that your sign is properly installed and cared for on a regular basis
  • Avoid contact with sharp objects
  • Avoid placing objects against your sign
  • Try not to place it in areas highly affected by sunlight. After a long period of time, sunlight has the ability to bow or bend the material if the plastic is overheated
  • Cover your signs with soft fabric or packaging wrap when storing them
  • Only use a non-abrasive cloth when cleaning the sign

What to Use to Clean Acrylic

When cleaning your sign, you have to be careful about the materials and cleaning products you’re using. Acrylic can scratch if mishandled, refrain using paper towels to wipe the sign, instead, use a soft cloth. If you can, use microfiber to attract the dirt; this will help you avoid any unwanted marks. Refrain from using ammonia based products such as Windex, any product with a gasoline or acetone base, or kitchen cleaning fluids. Stick to a traditional soap and water mixture! If that doesn’t work, a very small amount of a kerosene-based cleaning agent will help you take the tough dirt out, however, make sure you quickly rinse it off. If you want to fix the scratches, purchase a polishing wax to improve the look of these imperfections.

How to Clean it

Start by removing excess dirt and debris by lightly blowing on the sign, using the hair dryer at a low setting, or if your sign is large, use a leaf blower at a low setting. This will prevent smudging the dirt into the sign. Lightly blot the surface of the sign or move your cloth slowly in a circular motion. You should avoid applying high pressure or cleaning in a wiping motion.

Finishing Touches

End the process by polishing your sign with fine grades of sandpaper and a high-quality acrylic polish.

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