How and Where to Place Your Signage

February 22nd, 2019

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Investing in signage is only worth it if you know how and where to place it. Customers typically spend approximately 3.5 – 5 seconds reading a sign, so it’s important to ensure that the purpose of your message is effectively displayed in this short period of time. Devise an eye-catching placement strategy that will help your customers understand your product.

Decide Who Your Audience is

Think about the audience you want to reach and where they will be located. For instance, if you’re targeting students, consider placing it in a busy hallway. If you’re posting updates around your office, place it in the entryway so people notice it when they’re coming and going. In general, it’s a good idea to place signs in an area where people have to stop and wait. Discover a location that connects the placement of your sign to its intended purpose.

High Traffic Areas

Imagine you’re a customer, take a walk around the place and become extra familiar with the floor plan. Keep an eye out for high traffic areas. Discover the zones where people spend more time and tend to hang around. An example is that if your target audience consists of regular transit users, consider getting to know their pathway and hang it in the hallway where they’re walking.

Placement Suggestions:

Proper Viewing Height

Place your sign at a high that will allow the most interaction with your audience. Position your sign eye-level. This varies depending on your audience, so take an approximate estimate of your and mount your signs in a position that’s most suitable.


Know your angles! For instance, if your signage is digital and it displays a static presentation that requires longer viewing time, angle the display downward so your audience has to look up a little. If your signage is more interactive, angle it upwards to increase interaction time.

Check Your Surroundings

Look at your surroundings and spot the areas with the least number of competing visuals. Avoid overwhelming your audience, you don’t want your sign placed in an area where too many things, such as other signs, require their attention. If you notice some obstructive pillars or supporting walls that may cover your sign, instead take advantage of them and find a creative way to place it on those obstructions. When promoting a specific product, ensure that your sign is placed near the advertised item.

The attractiveness and attention-grabbing elements of your sign are equally as important as it’s placement. Contact Gregory Signs today and let us help you get the most benefit out of your signage!