Gregory Signs – a One-Stop Solution

Gregory Signs – a One-Stop Solution

Creating effective signage is a vital component to the success of any business. Those starting a business or rebranding can acknowledge how challenging it can be to attract potential customers. That’s why, when you invest in a sign, you have to make sure it’s consistent and displays an appealing message to your clientele.

At Gregory signs, we work to find the right words, channel and images to promote your business to your target audience. We deal with companies of all sizes and discover creatice ways to make your signs stand out from the competition. Our company is always seeking new products and technology that will help differentiate the look of your sign.


Our company started in 1981 as an engraving shop, then expanded to provide a variety of services including designing, manufacturing, installing custom signage, sign systems and programs, and creating outdoor advertising packages. We expanded so that we can meet our clients demands and be a one-stop solution for all their signage needs. Our extensive portfolio extends to clients across North America and around the globe.


Our mission is to be recognized by our customers, employees, suppliers and the community as one of the highest quality performers, in every aspect of our operation, in the sign industry. We ensure that our customers receive the best overall value for the products or services they purchase and make the process as convenient as possible. At Gregory Signs, the team focuses on discovering ways to improve our methods of production and service to maintain our position as market leaders.


  • Some signs we offer include: canopies, awnings, channel letters, light-emitting diode (LED) boards, fascia boxes, plaques, menu boards and architectural custom displays

We specialize in exporting, consulting, project management, permits, site surveying, and building your business’s image using quality craftsmanship.

Recent projects

Some recent project’s we’ve been working on include:

  • Working with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), Crosslinx Transit Solutions (CTS), Metrolinx and GO Transit to manufacture, install and renovate signs
  • Recently commissioned a $4 million contract for Eglinton Crosstown expansion for 14 stations
  • Installing interior and exterior signage for Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) stations across province
  • Working with Bird construction on the new Niagara Entertainment Complex doing design, consulting, interior and exterior signage
  • Creating wayfinding signs for cemeteries
  • Mall renovation project in Boca Raton, Fla., installing temporary signs during construction, signs with channel letters and new pylon signs
  • Work closely with architects and design firms on sign programs and wayfinding packages
  • Client list includes EllisDon, PCL, Buttcon LTD., Maystar, Vestacon, Arguson Projects Inc., Forge, Icon, Envision. And Modulex, to name a few.
  • Many of our clients are located around the globe in places including the Dominican Republic, England, United States (Chicago, New York, Virginia, Florida), and Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba)

What makes Gregory Signs unique from other businesses in the industry?

At Gregory Signs, we try to differentiate ourselves by providing customers with the highest quality service. We treat customers the same way we want to be treated and are always honest about our products and services. Our team is constantly developing our systems and work practices to improve efficiencies and abilities.

We collaborate with both small organizations and international businesses, so we can remain versatile in our experience. Corporate social responsibility is vital for us, that’s why we provide products to several non-profit organizations and worthy causes. At Gregory Signs, we value every member of our team and acknowledge how well they use their skills and talent to drive the success of our business.

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