Environmental Signage

Environmental Signage

Environmental signage combines architecture, interior, industrial and graphic design in order to produce an integrated visual brand identity, create clear signage systems, and produce interactive and exciting environments.

The 3 I’s of Environmental Signage

The Three I’s of Environmental Signs are Image…. Indication…. Information…

Image… Environmental signage reinforces your corporate image by delivering the appropriate first impression of your company to the consumer.

Indication… Directional Signs help your customers or visitors find their way around your premises while alleviating frustration and increasing efficiency.

Information… Signs can remove confusion and uncertainty in your place of business by informing your staff and patrons of your policies, procedures and rules.

Signage That Helps Enhance Your Brand

Navigation, identity, branding

Environmental signage provides orientation throughout the built environment. Effective signage assists visitors in navigating their way through facilities such as healthcare, governmental, library, schools and retail stores. Environmental signage elements also act as a signature for the business brand and identity.


Effective environmental signs complement an environment, but do not overwhelm the architecture or the surroundings. To ensure your signs aren’t overwhelming, you need to place your signage only at appropriate decision points. Also, you want to make sure your messages are carefully plotted prior to creating the overall sign design.

Long-term signage

The completed location plan and message schedule provide the foundation for a successful, long-lasting signage and wayfinding plan. Our environmental graphic design and plans also act as a guide during the fabrication process. They are also used as a functional maintenance tool for property/building owners and managers.

Functional aesthetic

An signage plan developed by Gregory Signs will add to the aesthetics of your environment while providing a functional system for all of your visitors. We have developed and designed signs for a variety of industries to create environmental signage that are appropriate, informative, easy to upgrade, and cost effective.

Gregory Signs mission is to earn the recognition of our customers, employees, suppliers and the community, as one of the highest quality performers in the sign industry – in every aspect of our operation. Our approach to production combined with our extensive array of materials and knowledge in the industry will ensure that your custom signage will be prepared on time and to your complete satisfaction. Call us today! (905) 532-0602

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