Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Sign

Don’t Make These Mistakes With Your Sign

Establishing your brand is important, especially with the right business signage. Purchasing signage is only worthwhile if you do it right. Signage is typically a long-term investment that lasts years, and sometimes even decades. Even temporary signage has a significant impact on the success of your business. Knowing this, you have to ensure that your sign is created and designed to the best of its ability. A poorly designed, located and sized sign has the ability to deter people from your business.

Don’t lose out on potential clients, make sure you don’t make these mistakes with your signage!

Don’t forget to update your sign

A logo is typically the focal point of your sign. If you’re placing your logo on a large sign, then you should make sure that it’s impeccable! Unfortunately, placing your logo on a large sign can draw attention to most its flaws, so make sure to consult a reputable designer prior to producing the sign. This way, you won’t be unpleasantly surprised at the signs appearance once it’s developed.

Location is important

You may be happy about where you mount your sign in the winter, but once summer comes, beware of all of the foliage – you might obstruct the view! Carefully consider where you locate the sign, you’ll want to remain as visible as possible.

Choose a readable font

Avoid selecting an extravagant font if you can. Classic fonts are the go-to when it comes to sign design. Some businesses might be focused on elegant or fun events; however, you still shouldn’t choose a cursive, scripty or goofy font. This will likely be hard to read from afar. Common typefaces designers use include Arial, Courier and Veranda. Typefaces to avoid include Comic Sans, Papyrus and Times New Roman.

Focus on kerning

Kerning is defined as the space between each individual letter. If letters are too close together, your sign will be hard to read.

Contrasting colours are a must

The most important part about creating your sign is making it stand out! Choose background colours that contrast with the text colour. Make sure your sign is also a different colour from the building you’re placing it on.

Install or mount it properly

Poor installation of your sign will leave a negative image of your business in the mind of your consumers. Make sure to install and mount your sign with care or else you will lose all the benefits of having your sign.

Choose the right size

Take measurements of your outdoor signs before developing it. Several cities have signage codes that dictate how big it can be. When designing the sign, make sure the letters are big enough for passersby to read at a quick glance, especially if you’re located in a busy area.

Pick only quality materials

Premium signs not only leave an exceptional lasting impression, but they also last longer. If you purchase a cheaper quality material, you might not leave the best first impression. Remember, signs pay for themselves, so get the best one you can!

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