Custom Channel Letters for your Business

January 4th, 2018

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What does your sign say about your business? What do potential customers see when they look at your place of business? What message does the physical structure deliver? With channel letter signs, you can make sure that your building’s exterior is working for you, bringing in customers and broadcasting your identity and your brand. Your business sign can be a powerful tool to attract attention and make people curious to know more about your business.

Make a Statement

Channel lettering makes a powerful statement. Unlike other forms of advertising, channel letters are always three dimensional, jumping out from the building behind them and demanding a greater level of notice and attention.

Signs and channel letters can transform a business into an attention magnet. Raised channel letter signs with LED lighting are especially effective in the evening hours. Potential customers that are driving or walking by will easily be able to spot your business.

What are Channel Letters?

Channel letter signs are custom designed to match and promote your brand or business. Gregory Signs, will work with you to create a quality channel letter sign that is designed specifically to your wants and needs. You can customize channel letters for distinct branding with the following design options:

Quality Signs

Gregory Signs provides quality signage for any business. No matter the size, color, font, or message that your letters convey we’ll make sure that your signs are designed to meet your needs.

Durability, as well as visual appeal, makes channel letter signage a good method for getting your business seen. Each letter is molded from long wearing aluminum alloys and faced with durable acrylic material or polycarbonate in your choice of colors. It is an excellent way to reinforce brand recognition and attract customers.

Whether acrylic faced or metal, channel letters cast a prestigious air, displaying your name or logo in a dynamic three-dimensional form. This signage is especially striking when illuminated or halo lit, making it nearly impossible to miss. Their clean and sophisticated look is complemented by design flexibility, making channel letters a popular choice for High Rise installations. Transcend the lacklustre concrete jungle and watch your clients come into the light!

Gregory Signs will design, manufacture, service and install your custom signage. Contact us today!