Choosing the Best Font Type for Your Sign

Choosing the Best Font Type for Your Sign

When considering sign design, choosing the right font is arguably the most important aspect. Your font is what catches peoples eye, informs them and get your message across to viewers. Viewers typically don’t spend a lot of time looking at signs, so you better make sure your font is readable and aesthetically pleasing!

Is the Message Clear?

Not all fonts are going to get your message across. You have to use the font that explains your message appropriately. For instance, if you’re working on a construction site and you include safety signs, avoid using light, happy or cursive fonts. Instead, you’d need something that looks bold and matches the way you want viewers to interpret your message.


There’s many aspects that determine whether or not your font is easily readable. You have to consider the spacing, colour and typeface. 3 types of spacing you should consider are:

Tracking: the space between each word, sentence or paragraph.

Kerning: the space between two consecutive letters.

Leading: the vertical space between each line of text.

You don’t want your words or sentences being too close together or too far away. When the words or sentences are too close together, the sign can look overwhelming. The same thing goes for if it’s too far apart – it’s much harder to read and understand the message.


Often, businesses debate whether they should use serif or sans-serif fonts. Serif fonts, like “Times New Roman,” contain a small line at the end of each character. Sans-serif are fonts without the small line. Serif fonts are better for extremely small font sizes, meanwhile sans-serif is much more effective for large text.

How Many Fonts Should You Use for One Sign?

In order for your sign to look more professional, we suggest using a maximum of 2 fonts. Anything more than this, typically won’t look clean, clear and crisp.

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