Bright Ideas for Your Signage!

Bright Ideas for Your Signage!

Wondering how you can make your signage glow? Keep reading to see why channel letters may be the perfect option for you and your business.

Before deciding to go with channel letters, it’s important to understand what they are and the different types you can choose from. Channel letters are three dimensional and often made with strong materials such as aluminum. They are also commonly coated with translucent acrylic and internally lit. When using this type of signage, you can either go with front lit, open face, reverse lit or specialty channel letters. Front lit channel letters are most popular in retail settings and are internally lit using neon or LED lighting. Open face channel letters are similar but feature a clear acrylic face that makes the face of the letters appear open. Reverse channels on the other hand use internal lighting that is guided towards the back of the letter, creating a halo like effect. Finally, speciality channel letters are more unique and can be customized based on your company’s preferences.

Why Choose Channel Letters?

Better Visibility

Channel letters offer optimal visibility, as they can be easily seen from any distance with or without lighting. This therefore makes it almost impossible for someone to not notice your sign.


Although aluminum is lightweight, it is rather strong and can withstand many harsh weather types. It therefore requires little maintenance and is much easier to fix compared to a standard neon sign.

Easy to Customize

With channel letters, your business can incorporate almost any colour or shape into your sign’s design. Aluminum is also extremely flexible, making it easy to create more complex and unique designs.

Energy Efficient

LED lights will ensure your sign can be seen at any time of day and will provide you with an energy savings of roughly 30% compared to neon signage

If you’re interested in using channel letters, contact Gregory Signs to help you bring your signage to life!

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