Best practices in business signs

Best practices in business signs

All successful businesses understand that the key to attracting customers and retaining them begins with signage. Having a good quality sign is an effective and easy way to get foot traffic while communicating with customers. Poor signage has the opposite effect: it leads to confusion and lack of interest by customers. Signage should be a thought-out process and must not simply be an add-on.

When it comes to business signs, it is important to remember that they must be useful and clear. Look at your business sign as the silent but productive sales person. It helps customers navigate the business without asking your staff the basic questions. Similar to an employee, the appearance of the sign, the colour, message, quality and visibility need a specific amount of consideration and development.

Signs Customers Expect

No matter what kind of signs you have decided to include in your business plan, you should consider the following best practices:

  • Specific is good: The right message in the right place can be provided only by a customized sign. Include particular details like relevant service information and location particular instructions.
  • Keep it simple: The message of your business sign must be clear. Signs with excess information tend to be ignored. Either shorten the message or use a series of signs
  • Using the write text: Simplify the text. The punch line should matter
  • Have a call to action: Note that signs are actually advertisements, and like a better advertisement, there is a need to push the customer to do some activity. Every effective sign must have one simple aim.

Outdoor signs

An outdoor sign is extremely important in any business because they get customers through the doors. The first impression of any customer is the company’s external sign.

The list of outdoor signs also includes:

  • Entrance signs
  • Window signs
  • Sidewalk signs

The signage should be placed in a high traffic area and must be visible to the maximum number of people. The purpose of exterior signs is to attract people to your business.

Wayfinding signage

Wayfinding signs assist the customer to easily navigate your business space. If your potential customer finds what he or she wants easily, there is a greater chance they will continue to give you repeat business.

This type of signage should instruct the customers as to where they will go. Like all other kinds of signage, Wayfinding signs must be easily readable and concise. The aim is to make the customer understand with only a passing glance. Bold, big fonts in visible colour schemes are perfect to accomplish the goal.

You should keep in mind the following best practices when considering signage. Please contact Gregory Signs if you would like to learn more about how signage can help your business. (905) 532-0602

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