Benefits of Plywood Signs

Benefits of Plywood Signs

Are you seeking a more affordable option for your signage? Depending on the image of your business and the purpose of the sign, Plywood signs may be the best option for you. Their versatility and durability are exceptional, making this material perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

A Classic Look

Don’t underestimate the warm and inviting look of plywood – it often looks just as great as real wood, sometimes even better when using a good quality veneer. Plywood signs are memorable because of their authentic look. With plywood, letters and graphics can be engraved, stamped, distressed and painted. Plywood signs are versatile due to their ability to have a rustic look, or an elegant, modern and bold look. Businesses such as resorts, restaurants and small shops often use wood signs to attract customers.

Low Costs and Low Maintenance

Plywood signs that are properly constructed will last with very few maintenance requirements. You won’t have to worry about replacing light bulbs or rusting metal. If this sign is for outdoor use, it may require you to touch-up the paint every few years to ensure that you sustain that sophisticated look!


Solid wood is strong, but plywood is stronger! Issues that you would normally have with natural wood are solved with plywood. Plywood is a very strong material and unlike regular wood, its strength is evenly distributed. Wooden signs convey strength and durability, which usually indicates that your business has been around for a long time. Using plywood signs will have the same effect, due to their classic look. Also, regular wooden signs usually tend to split easily along the grain, however with plywood, you can avoid this because of its cross-layered nature.

Great for Temporary Use

If you’re looking for a temporary sign, plywood is an extremely cost effective, smart material to choose. Often, people use plywood signs on construction sites, for real estate properties and directional signage.

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