Attract Your Audience with Banner Signs

Attract Your Audience with Banner Signs

Brand awareness is a vital component to any business’s success. With several advertisements on display, it can be challenging to determine ways to stand out in the midst of so many different signs. That’s why, we have a solution for you! One of the simplest ways to draw attention to your company is with a banner sign – here’s why.

Printed faster than traditional signage

It’s easier and faster to print an outdoor banner, rather than a pylon or monument sign for example. Since they’re so easy to print, they’re also more affordable which makes them the perfect option for all your temporary sign needs. People usually invest in a banner sign when they need it for festivals, promotions, flash sales and any event that doesn’t last too long.


Typically, banner signs are made of vinyl or mesh, so you can expect them to last years before they begin to fade. These signs can withstand harsh weather conditions including rough winds, moisture, and sun exposure. After years of having the sign, you will notice it fading, likely because of UV rays, however it’s easy to replace and still lasts a long period of time!

Easy to Hang

You don’t need to be a professional to hang a banner sign. Many banner signs have grommets or pole pockets in the baller that will easily allow you to hang it anywhere you please, and even take it down without any issues!

Inexpensive and Affordable

If you’re a business owner or you work for a marketing agency, you know just how expensive digital signage can be. Although it is worth it, sometimes, you don’t have the budget. That shouldn’t stop you from getting other forms of signage. The banner sign is very visible and cost-effective. It basically markets itself, inevitably providing you with greater success.

Connect with the Community

There aren’t many opportunities to connect with the community when you’re running a business. Placing a banner outside your shop will increase brand awareness and inform people about who you are and what services you offer.

Reaches a Large Demographic

If you place your banner strategically on roadsides, highways and busy intersections, then more people will see it and you will increase your audience demographic. A banner sign helps you make more impressions!


Outdoor banners can be used for a variety of permanent and temporary events. For instance, you can use them to welcome visitors, indicate a grand opening or provide people with crucial information.

Contact Gregory Signs

A banner sign usually receives several impressions depending on the placement. For this reason, you need to ensure that the banner is designed effectively. Attract a larger audience by contacting the professionals at Gregory Signs to create a stunning new banner sign for you!

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