7 Ways to Improve Your Current Sign

7 Ways to Improve Your Current Sign

Signage is a powerful tool that represents the forefront your business, used to increase brand awareness and encourage viewers to contact you. People will only pay attention to your sign for so long before they forget about it, so make sure that its memorable and leaves a lasting impression. If you find that this large investment isn’t paying off, it could be for a number of reasons. Don’t compromise the effectiveness of your sign! Here are some ways to improve your signage so that you have the best chance to attract potential clientele.

Create a new logo or update your current one

A good logo stands out and communicates what your business or brand is about with a simple glance. The unfortunate part about placing an ineffective logo on a large sign is that it amplifies any flaws that may exist in your design. Make sure that you have a professional designer review your logo before placing it on your sign. This step is vital! Neglecting your logo may turn away potential customers.


Carefully consider where you place your sign. Many customers who purchase signs in the winter don’t think about the summer and what might happen when foliage obscures the view of their brand-new sign.

Legible Font

Choose classic fonts for better readability. Effective typefaces include Arial, Courier and Verdana. Ineffective typefaces include Comic Sans, Papyrus and Times New Roman.


Kerning is defined as the amount of space between each individual letter. Although this is often subtle, it’s still noticeable. If you put the letters too close together or far apart, then your sign will be harder to read.

Contrasting Colours

Make sure your text or image stands out against its background. You won’t want to have a blue sign on a blue building, so ensure that you choose contrasting colours. Some examples include black and white or red and white.

Mount with Care

A sign that’s crooked or improperly installed will show potential clients that you don’t care as much about your image, which in turn will leave them with a bad impression about your business. Take extra time to successfully mount your sign.


Measure the location you’re placing your sign, very carefully. Several cities have signage codes that dictate how large your sign can be. Also, pay attention to the letters on your sign. People driving by will find it much easier to read a sign with a large font. Size matters, make your sign as big as possible.

Quality Materials

Expenses add up, no matter what material you choose. Don’t compromise the quality of your sign and make sure you choose the finest materials that will last long and withstand poor conditions. Good quality signs are more likely to leave a positive first impression about your business.

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