5 Ways to Enhance Your Restaurant Sign

5 Ways to Enhance Your Restaurant Sign

The restaurant industry is highly competitive. Make your restaurant stand out from the competition by investing in some quality signage. Restaurant signs make a significant difference to how a customer approaches your business. When they’re designed and placed strategically, you will likely attract the attention from passersby. If you’re looking to enhance your restaurant signs, then keep reading for some tips!

Plan to Attract

Consider the audience you want to attract. For a restaurant, your audiences are casual passersby, foot traffic, formal groups and different age groups. When you’re thinking of where to place your sign, think of the main audience you want attention from and then go from there.

Clearly Send the Message

Signage is a form of two-way communication. The goal is to convey a clear message about your business and for your audience to respond by entering your restaurant. Two ways to effectively convey your message is by using compelling visuals or quality wording. When creating your sign, consider the fact that visual signage is more personal and will be the best way to encourage customers to find your restaurant.

The Atmosphere

Your sign will stand out more, depending on where it’s placed. Take a look at the atmosphere that surrounds your business. Don’t make your sign too noisy or dominant, it might take away from the message you want to convey. Think of how you can be unique with the environment you’re in. Be unique! Find a place that isn’t too noisy, but also not out-of-sight.

Simplicity is Key

The key to a successful restaurant sign is to think big yet simple. You don’t need to include too many visuals on your sign to make it stand out. The size also shouldn’t impact the message you want to tell your audience. Your goal is to create a large sign that quickly makes a statement and will grab a customer’s attention in a split second.


Don’t skip out on investing in professional sign services. Professional signage companies know what material you’ll need, appropriate sign sizes, effective designs and correct manufacturing and installation. They know what’s best to get you a high return on investment.

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