5 Benefits of LED Signs

5 Benefits of LED Signs

Are you contemplating what sign you should use for the storefront of your business? If so, then consider LED signage! LED signs will make your presence known and highlight the fact that you’re open for business.

Here are some reasons why local businesses should use LED signs.

Long Lifespan

LED lights can last for approximately 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is 3-6 years longer than a fluorescent or neon sign. They outlive other bulbs and wont leak any gasses that usually cause a light to dim out. These lights always maintain a greater level of brightness!

Energy Efficient

Illuminated signs usually are known for consuming too much energy, but with LED signs you don’t have to worry too much! They require less energy and will make your sign appear brighter. LED signs also generate much less heat compared to other illuminated signs which is good because then it won’t make the interior of your business too warm. Overall, they use 75%-80% less energy than other signs!

Eye Catching

What really makes LED signs unique is their striking brightness! These signs produce brilliant light that you can easily read close up and from a far distance. It stands out whether its night or day, so no matter what time it is, potential consumers will notice your business as they’re passing by.


With LED signs, you can animate them, make colour changes, use fading and flashing features, and create moving messages. You can’t say the same about other illuminated signs which only offer flashing lights.

Low Maintenance

Their long lifespan, brightness and energy efficiency make these signs very low maintenance. LED signs are free off gasses or glass tubes which usually leak or break, plus they’re easy to clean and never burn out! They also don’t need significant protection from weather and other outdoor elements like other signs would.

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