5 Advantages of Backlit LED Signs

5 Advantages of Backlit LED Signs

It’s a well-known fact that one of the best ways to advertise your product or service to get a higher return on investment is by using a reliable method of advertisement. Whether you’re a small or a large business, you have to make this your main focus.

Aside from the typical advertising platforms like television, radio and social media, one of the best ways people will remember your business is by purchasing quality signage. With that being said, getting noticed still remains a challenge. Stand out from the crowd with backlit LED signs! Here’s how these signs will benefit your business.

Extreme Visibility

People are more attracted to signs that are shining bright and capturing their attention. That’s why several businesses opt for backlit LED signage! The best part about adding LED to your sign is the fact that you’re able to see it vividly all day, every day. Even motorists and passersby will likely notice the sign with ease. Whether its humid, raining, snowing or it’s dark out, the light will still get noticed, which ultimately gives you an advantage over your competitors.

Brand Perception

A rule of thumb when you consider the signage you’re purchasing is that the quality of your business reflects on the types of signs you use for your business. Although backlit signs are more expensive, purchasing them shows that you care enough for people to notice you so that your business can reach more success.

Expanded Lifeline

LED lights last for approximately 6 years, in comparison to incandescent or fluorescent lamps. Since LED lights aren’t powered by gas, the illumination remains constantly maintained. Pay more initially to save money long-term, instead of spending more to replace your lights or overall signage.

Environmentally Friendly & Cost-Effective

Installing a quality sign is already expensive enough, but with lights they’re usually costlier to maintain than usual. Lighting a sign all day will result in higher energy bills, however with LED signs, you can remain stress-free since they consume much less energy than other options. An environmental bonus of LED lights is that they don’t contain any hazardous elements that are unhealthy for the environment.

Low Maintenance

LED signs require much less maintenance than other types of signs. As said prior, LED lights last long and are consistent when considering lighting, which means that it’s very rare that you’ll have to replace the lights and the sign. They’re also easy to clean since they don’t get too hot which means that you can wipe them down freely!

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If you’ve ever been involved in starting a business or re-imaging a business, chances are you’ve realized that one of the most important – and toughest – tasks, is to draw customers and positive attention to your company. With the help of LED signs created and installed by the experts at Gregory Signs, you can expect your brand to be a memorable one. Contact us today for all of your signage needs!

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