4 Ways to Enhance Your Monument Sign

4 Ways to Enhance Your Monument Sign

Gone are the days of heavy, expensive monument signs. While some businesses still opt for true marble, granite, brick, or limestone to build their signs, many are taking a new route by using faux finishes.

Known as EPS, expanded polystyrene is a new material that many signs now are made from. EPS is a lightweight material that can be molded to create any shape you desire. With your monument sign fabrication in the right hands, these dimensional textures will appear realistic and beautiful for a fraction of what it would cost to obtain the real thing.

Your custom monument sign can be shaped using EPS foam, which is then reinforced to give your sign a durable, hard-coat shell that will allow it to endure any climate.

Here are a few types of Synthetic Finishes


A marble-like finish can be painted onto the surface of your sign. This method mimics your choice of marble pattern while keeping your sign lightweight, sturdy, and affordable.

Wood Grain/HDU

In addition to EPS, there is another synthetic product called HDU. HDU stands for high-density urethane, a material that mimics wood like no other. Though it’s not sturdy enough to be used for a monument sign’s main framework, it can be placed over the top of the monument’s structural frame to appear as if the entire sign is made of wood.

Stucco Finish

A material consisting of foam and plastic is sprayed and cured over the top of your monument sign, then a stucco texture can be glazed over the sign’s surface to disguise the EPS structure.

Brick or Stone Finish

There are many brick and stone molds to choose from. A custom mold can be made specifically for your monument sign.

Custom sign manufacturers like Gregory Signs, are able to creatively build your sign to reflect your business and appear professional. Make your business an easily identifiable landmark, by investing in a sign that will last with you throughout the years. If you have questions about monument signs, give the experts at Gregory Signs a call. Our creative staff will work with you to find the best solution for your particular location and business needs.

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