4 of the Most Durable Materials Used for Outdoor Signs

4 of the Most Durable Materials Used for Outdoor Signs

When purchasing an outdoor sign, it’s important to consider which materials are most suitable to withstand severe weather conditions. If you’re going to invest in some new signage, you’ll want it to stand out and last a long time. Below are some of the best sign materials we would recommend for you to place outdoors!


Aluminum is one of the most commonly used materials for outdoor signs. It’s light-weight and well-known for its strength and durability. This material is extremely versatile, as it can be paired with other materials like Dibond, to make it even stronger. When enduring a bad weather day, you won’t have to worry because aluminum is weather resistant. Plus, you can customize the material in several ways to create a stunning look for your sign. What makes this the best material is that it’s also very affordable!


PVC is an extremely durable material, made from plastic. It’s frequently used as an outdoor sign for restaurants, shops, yard signs, bus signs and realtor signs. The material is a lot heavier than aluminum, which makes it a little stronger. PVC is an amazing material because it never loses its colour, luster and quality, even through severe weather conditions. It’s extremely affordable and versatile when considering the design aspect.


This material is made with a plastic core and an aluminum surface, giving it a reputation for the ultimate strength and resilience through poor weather conditions. With Dibond signs, you can customize it to almost any shape or size! It costs slightly more than aluminum and PVC, however, its much stronger, so it’ll be worth the investment for long-term purposes.


If you’re looking for a temporary, yet durable sign for outdoors, vinyl banners are the perfect option for you! Vinyl banners are highly tolerant of environmental conditions including high winds, bitter cold and extremely hot weather. With this material, you can still achieve a unique sign design that will last you through several seasons. Permanent isn’t for every business, so consider vinyl if you’re looking for a temporary, cost-effective option!

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