3 Reasons You Need Channel Letters

January 31st, 2020

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The signage you choose can truly make or break your business’ image. You have to select signage that’s memorable and clearly displays your brand to passersby. If you’re wondering what the best way to do that entails, then you came to the right place. At Gregory Signs, we often recommend using channel letters. Channel letters are extremely versatile, often illuminated, and can easily be noticed from a distance to attract more customers.

Here are the top reasons you should invest in channel letter signs.

Cost Effective

The reason most people opt for channel letters signs is because along with their visual benefits, they’re also extremely cost effective. Channel letters are an easy way to remain memorable in the minds of those who pass by. Ultimately, they increase brand recognition through repeat impressions. Using traditional marketing strategies, getting repeat impressions usually costs a lot more money, whereas channel letters simply market themselves.

Businesses are always looking for ways to get noticed by spending less money if possible. Radio, television and print advertisement campaigns are traditionally more expensive, however channel letters are a much more affordable way to do this.

Enhance Brand Image

When you invest in channel letters, you’re not just investing in letters or words; you’re purchasing the best way to communicate your company’s attitude, energy and vision. Channel letters help build your brand and expose your business. This signage is easy to customize! Consider the fonts you can choose from; whether it’s fancy, friendly, inviting or playful, you have the option to select whatever you please. They’re extremely versatile which means you can do what you need to ensure the sign matches your brand.

Environmentally Friendly

You should always consider your environmental footprint when purchasing a sign. Luckily, if you choose channel letters, then you’ll feel satisfied knowing that they’re much better for the environment, in comparison to other options. One of the main reasons they’re so eco-friendly is because they use LED lights.

Unlike other lighting options, LED lights don’t contain lead or mercury, which are chemicals you’d find in neon or fluorescent lights. They’re also cheaper to run since they use less energy. These letters can be helpful if you’re trying to get a business permit, since they’re extremely sustainable.

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We believe that your sign should be a direct reflection of your business image. You have one shot up front to get that across to your potential customer so make it count. Contact us today to get channel letters for your business!