3 Reasons Why You Need LED Signage!

3 Reasons Why You Need LED Signage!

Using the right signage plays an important role in your business. The positive impact of LED signage has always been recognized for offering a variety of benefits. Everything is going digital nowadays; here are 3 reasons why your signage should too!

Long Lasting

If you’re considering illuminating your signage, you should know that quality LED lights can last as long as 50 000 to 100 000 hours, outlasting majority of other bulbs. LED can last 3 to 6 years longer in comparison to neon and fluorescent lighting. They maintain constant brightness and don’t flicker, which will prevent you from suffering with an unattractive sign.

Better illumination & Noticeable

LED bulbs are known to have the brightest lights as they stand out whether you’re looking at it up-close or in a far distance. They have a strong appearance at night and they are just as bright during the day as well. With LED signs, you’re more likely to attract customers walking or driving by, as they will easily be able to get a clear impression of your signs message or logo. Having these bulbs will prevent the negative perception individuals may have if you acquire a poorly lit sign. Also, it can be challenging to see non-digital signs at night, which is one reason why LED signage is essential.

Environmentally Friendly

Typical LED signs only use 10 watts of power, which is significantly less than most other systems. If you get LED signage, you are saving the environment by using less energy, while experiencing a fundamental reduction in your lighting costs. Also, unlike gas tubes, LED’s don’t have hazardous chemicals in them that could negatively impact the environment.

Make your business easily identifiable and invest in a sign that will last you numerous years! Call our experts at Gregory Signs to inquire about LED signage and our creative staff will work with you to meet your needs.

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