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Custom Channel Letters for your Business

What does your sign say about your business? What do potential customers see when they look at your place of business? What message does the physical structure deliver? With channel letter signs, you can make sure that your building’s exterior is working for you, bringing in customers and broadcasting your identity and your brand. Your […]

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Electronic Message Centers

LED Displays are considered the hottest outdoor advertising medium of today due to the brightness and superior quality. By using colour, light and motion, messages are not only attractive, but also impossible to ignore.

LED displays are networkable and programmed in several ways: locally by Infra-red wireless keyboard; connecting LED displays directly to a PC via […]

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Stand Out With Plywood Signs

In the business world, it's important to stand out. Your sign can help you get ahead of your competition and be in the forefront of your customers mind. A well-designed sign can ensure your business successful revenue. Medium Density Plywood is exterior grade plywood with a smooth surface. The plywood is painted and then lettered. Depending on the climate, plywood signs should last several years before refinishing. Few types of signs convey the feeling of solidity that a wood sign conveys. We carry a wide range of materials and designs that can help you get your message to the public

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